Ordering & availability of instruments

I collaborate with the musician when an order is made. Ideally this would involve meeting to decide on a model, wood choice (within acoustic possibilities), varnish and fittings. Because of the relatively remote location of our shop, I make trips to visit musicians interested in my work.

After construction of an instrument is complete there is a settling in period; from the beginning of a project until the musician will take the instrument for use takes from 6 months to 1 year. It is possible to take possession earlier; but adjustments will need to be made within the first year.

There are usually examples of my work in Paisley and Ottawa (www.walkebows.com) and at various shops in Canada and USA. If you are distant from these possibilities, it can be arranged to have an instrument made available to you through an established shop near your location.

Current Models


  • G.B Rogeri
  • P.G. Rogeri
  • Andrea Guarneri
  • Joseph filius Guarneri
  • Antonius Stradivari
  • G.B Guadagnini
  • Greg Walke


  • ‘Kruse’, ‘Suk’, ‘Titian’ Strad
  • ‘Kochanski’ Guarneri Del Gesu


  • Andrea Guarneri
  • Gasparo da Salo
  • Jacobus Stainer
  • Gerald Stanick
  • Greg Walke

Places where Greg’s instruments may be tried


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