I extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to make an appointment to visit Sibylle and me in our workshop. For those who are unable, I invite you to peruse this website, a window into our world of violin making.


After starting on this path of violin making, it became apparent that I needed seclusion and tranquility to concentrate on instrument making without the constant attention required to operate a city shop; hence our establishment of a home and studio in Paisley, Ontario.

I have had the good fortune to collaborate on projects with musicians such as Yosuke Kawasaki, David Hetherington and Gerald Stanick; they and others such as Mark Fewer, Lance Elbeck, Yehonatan Berick, Steven Dann, Joe Johnson, Roman Borys ,Tom Wiebe… have been very helpful in giving me feedback and advice when I show them my work; for this I am very grateful.

I appreciate also the support and interest of shops in Canada and the USA I am well connected with many violin makers/friends with whom much information and experience is shared (at events like Sweetwater Music Festival in Owen Sound, Ontario and Makers Forum in Montreal). The Oberlin Acoustics workshop and publications of the Violin Society of America have been invaluable in my development.

The experience and training in restoration that I gained working in Hieronymus Köstler’s workshop and doing projects for Peter and Wendy Moes, enables me to give continued care for the instruments I make.

No photos or script can replace the experience of visiting the maker and workshop where your instrument is made. Hopefully this website will add a dimension which deepens your connection with my work. Ultimately, it is essential to pick up the instrument of your choosing and play.

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